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The "Patriot"

"Patriot Charters Limited" is the fishing and diving charter for everyone who believes that great diving and fishing shouldn't just be fun and exciting, it should do good too. With years of experience in diving and fishing around Great Barrier Island, we can offer you a truly authentic and magnificent fishing and diving experience in the unique waters of Great Barrier Island.

What we offer

From bespoke, adventerous and authentic Fishing and Diving experiences or just a single transfer in the Hauraki Gulf... Skipper of the Patriot, Chris Knight and his team, are looking forward to taking you out into the big blue and show you a truly unique paradise. Dive for Crayfish or Scallops - Chris can bring you to all the amazing spots with plenty of fish, crayfish or scallops in the Hauraki Gulf.

Fish yourself a Snapper, dive for Crayfish or Scallops or just enjoy the pristine waters around Aotea / Great Barrier Island.

Chris and Catherine know the environment around Great Barrier Island very well after living, fishing and diving there for over 30 years. They look forward to show you some of their facourite spots in the Hauraki Gulf.

Who we are

We are Chris and Catherine Knight and we believe in sustainability and in healthy food resourcing. Living, Fishing and diving on Great Barrier Island for over 30 years, we accumulated a lot of experiences and wonderful memories in the pristine waters of the Hauraki Gulf. The fauna and sea life on and around Great Barrier Island is truly unique and we look forward to show you the best places and source tasty seafood in a sustainable and authentic way.

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